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Believe in Yourself: The power of self belief

Believing that you can do something is vital to your success as an athlete. This essentially is a positive attitude about yourself, your training, and your racing. Additionally, self-belief or self trust is the ability to know your body and respond to it appropriately. You need to be able to trust the feedback you are …

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Mantras: The Magic of Self Talk

The third tool is the mental game is using mantras or self talk. This is something that you may already be doing instinctively during long runs, workouts, and races. Today I will talk a little bit about the research that supports this and some tips for incorporating it into your training. It is a proven …

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Process Goals in Depth

In my previous post on process goals, I spoke about having process related goals for every time you go out for a run, whether that is an easy day, a workout, or a race. You need to have goals that you are in control of that are not time related. Things like form cues or …

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The Mental Game

As important as mental toughness or mental fitness is to success in running, the vast majority of the information out there is focused on the physiological aspects of training. Training schedules, tips on the long run, and strength routines to help you improve running economy and minimize injuries. There’re seems to be very little about …

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Sometimes, You Need to Push Through.

Most of the time if you’re not feeling good, feel the beginnings of an injury, or are just flat, you should back off or even skip a workout or a run. Many times I’ve made it to the end of the block to only walk back to the house because something just wasn’t right.  Very …

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Women’s US Distance Running

Amy Cragg with the US flag after medaling in the marathon at the world championships

Maybe it’s just me, but I am finding American women’s distance running fascinating at this point in history. As I’ve said before, I’m a big track and field fan. Primarily of the distance events; the 800 meters and up. On Sunday I got twitter updates throughout the women’s marathon at the IAAF World Championships. Mostly …

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Why I watch Track & Field (and you should too)

Mo Farah winning Olympic Gold

Back in 2012 my wife and I were watching the men’s 10,00 meters final from the London Olympics. We were amazed at the come from behind victory by Mo Farah . We were so excited, yelling screaming and jumping up an down, that it terrified our then 1 year old son. You may be asking …

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What I learned at the USATF Outdoor Championships

Shalane Flanigan and Molly Huddle battling it out in the Women's 10,000m

A few weeks ago I went to several events at the USATF Outdoor Championships. They were pretty close to home and I loved being able to see so many of the world’s top athletes competing for spots on the US team for the World Championships. Here’s a quick take on what I learned that can …

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Breaking out of a rut

If you are anything like me, once you find something that works or gets good results, you keep doing it. One of my favorite sayings is, “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just roll it.” This philosophy can get me into trouble with my running. Our bodies adapt to training stress during recovery and rest. If you …

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Surfacing: Not deep enough

Book Review: Surfacing by Siri Lindley and Julia Julia Beeson Polloreno I really wanted to love this book (I pre-ordered it back in August). I’m a huge fan of Siri Lindley, both her accomplishments as an athlete and as a coach are crazy impressive. She came back from not making the Olympic triathlon team to dominate …

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