Inertia is the most powerful force in the world. If something is moving, it likes to keep moving. Really. I say this as it has been about six weeks since my marathon and I have only run once. When I’m in the thick of a training schedule it’s easy for me to run. Once I get in a rhythm I just keep at it. It’s like breathing. Unfortunately it also works the other way. I truly intended to only take 4 weeks of active recovery after the marathon and then get back to training. I planned it out. Put down my next goal race. Counted out the weeks in each phase. Put down times for my key workouts and worked out what my taper would be. Only problem is, I never got started. I have great excuses. I did some traveling. I got sick like you read about. I had a big project at work I was working on… Don’t get me wrong I’m not beating myself up, I am just very conscious that there’s some fitness that I am leaving on the table by not getting back to running. If I meet my goals for next year I’ll probably forget all about this; tell myself it was a good break. If I don’t I’ll most likely spend some precious time and energy wondering “what if?”


All that to say if you are going strong keep at it. Work those habits into a groove and keep the momentum going. If you happen to be in my situation, find a teeny, tiny fitness related goal and crush it. Once you get a small thing going you can start adding to it.  My college roommate used to say that if you wanted to get in shape start by doing some push ups before you get in the shower. Keep that up for a few days and then add some planks. After that add some glue bridges. Then some clamshells. Pretty soon you’ll be working up a sweat and relishing in how good it feels. As for me, Im still struggling with a cold so I am going to get my running gear on tomorrow morning and aim for 10 minutes of strength work.


I might even throw in some push ups.


Enjoy the run.

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