Are you tired of the same old stuff being repeated over and over online and in running magazines? I ran my first 5k like 30 years ago. I think I have that figured out. What I’m working on is how to keep my easy days easy, my hard days hard, incorporate strength work, get enough sleep, and run strides while still being a husband, a father, work a day job, and grow a side hustle.

  •  Want to train with fewer injuries and more consistency? Let me show you how
  •  Not sure how to adjust your training when life gets in the way? Let me help you make the right choices.
  •  Know you need to do strength work but don’t know how to start? Let me help you get started
  •  That online plan you downloaded is 2 weeks too long or 2 weeks too short? Let me help you adjust it to fit your goals.
  •  Want to make more time to run? Let me help you figure it out.
  •  Not improving and cannot figure out why? Let’s tackle it together.

There is a lot of talk about the what and not enough about the how.

I’m here for the how and if you are too, welcome.