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Inertia is the most powerful force in the world. If something is moving, it likes to keep moving. Really. I say this as it has been about six weeks since my marathon and I have only run once. When I’m in the thick of a training schedule it’s easy for me to run. Once I …

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The Power of Coaching

It’s not technical Despite the conventional wisdom, the knowledge a coach has is secondary to his or her effectiveness. That’s right. Knowing the ins and outs of periodization, tempo runs, and intervals on the track are not the primary factors for success as a coach. Information, especially in the age of the internet, is a …

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Review: How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It

In How Bad do You Want It, Matt Fitzgerald does a remarkable job at telling the stories of several endurance athletes and communicating the mental coping skills that can potentially take you to the next level. If this book was all stories it would still be worth the read. Fitzgerald really does that good of …

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Run your Race

Most of us don’t pay our bills by running. It’s important to us but my kids still get to eat if I don’t race well. Unless you’re running with the likes of Mo Farah or Molly Huddle or Shalayne Flanagan, you’re running against yourself, the person that you look in the mirror every day. That’s …

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Develop a Running Habit

There is a lot written about online and such about being motivated to run. About being inspired.  Here’s my take: motivation is for beginners. Inspiration is for dabblers. If you wait until you feel like doing it you’re adding another hurdle to just getting out there and running. Now you not only have to run …

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Why I Run

My name is Paul and I am a runner. I have been running off and on since grade school. That’s over thirty years. Right now I can say that I run to preserve my sanity. Seriously. I am a better father, husband, manager, and overall human being when I am running than when I am …

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