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The Rules

There aren’t a lot of rules to running. For the most part you just get out there and do it. All you need is a desire and maybe a good pair of shoes an you’re all set. With that, there’s a few things that I have learned (and re-learned) over the years that I thought …

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Run your Race

Most of us don’t pay our bills by running. It’s important to us but my kids still get to eat if I don’t race well. Unless you’re running with the likes of Mo Farah or Molly Huddle or Shalayne Flanagan, you’re running against yourself, the person that you look in the mirror every day. That’s …

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Murphy’s Marathon

Cool 3D medal from the Santa Rosa Marathon

This past weekend I ran the Santa Rosa Marathon. This was Murphy’s Marathon for me. Just about everything that could go wrong went wrong on the this race day. It started out with me waking up late because I did not hear my alarm. I’m in the habit of setting my alarm on silent so …

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