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Trusting Your Training

Trust is critical to your success as a runner. This is paramount when it comes to training. You need to actually believe that the training that you are doing is going to help you accomplish your goal. When you step on the starting line you need to know the the work that you have done …

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Believe in Yourself: The power of self belief

Believing that you can do something is vital to your success as an athlete. This essentially is a positive attitude about yourself, your training, and your racing. Additionally, self-belief or self trust is the ability to know your body and respond to it appropriately. You need to be able to trust the feedback you are …

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Mental Rehearsal for Runners

As I was browsing through my collection of running tomes (Daniels, Noakes, Magness, Hudson, Lydiard, etc.) something struck me. In the midst of all the talk about base building, tapering, long runs, and tempos, there is hardly anything on the mental aspect of training. If you do a bit of searching online you will find …

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Surfacing: Not deep enough

Book Review: Surfacing by Siri Lindley and¬†Julia Julia Beeson Polloreno I really wanted to love this book (I pre-ordered it back in August). I’m a huge fan of Siri Lindley, both her accomplishments as an athlete and as a coach are crazy impressive. She came back from not making the Olympic triathlon team to dominate …

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Review: How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It

In How Bad do You Want It, Matt Fitzgerald does a remarkable job at telling the stories of several endurance athletes and communicating the mental coping skills that can potentially take you to the next level. If this book was all stories it would still be worth the read. Fitzgerald really does that good of …

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