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Believe in Yourself: The power of self belief

Believing that you can do something is vital to your success as an athlete. This essentially is a positive attitude about yourself, your training, and your racing. Additionally, self-belief or self trust is the ability to know your body and respond to it appropriately. You need to be able to trust the feedback you are …

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Mantras: The Magic of Self Talk

The third tool is the mental game is using mantras or self talk. This is something that you may already be doing instinctively during long runs, workouts, and races. Today I will talk a little bit about the research that supports this and some tips for incorporating it into your training. It is a proven …

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Process Goals in Depth

In my previous post on process goals, I spoke about having process related goals for every time you go out for a run, whether that is an easy day, a workout, or a race. You need to have goals that you are in control of that are not time related. Things like form cues or …

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The Mental Game

As important as mental toughness or mental fitness is to success in running, the vast majority of the information out there is focused on the physiological aspects of training. Training schedules, tips on the long run, and strength routines to help you improve running economy and minimize injuries. There’re seems to be very little about …

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Process Goals: The Road to Running Mastery

US Women's Steeple Team

Running is most certainly about getting fast times and it’s also about mastery of a process. In terms of fast times, none of us will win every race that we enter. We won’t run personal bests at all of our races either. Not even most of them. Wins and personal bests are extremely rare occurrances …

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